College Admissions Counseling

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There are many variations on the type of counseling services offered by independent educational consultants. Some charge hourly with rates ranging from $150 to $550 per hour. Others provide so-called bootcamps that are 4-day intensive programs designed to put the finishing touches on essays and complete applications prior to a student's senior year, typically in a group setting. These cost anywhere from $4,000 to $20,000. 

My approach is different. I offer one-on-one counseling services with a fixed price, but unlimited access. This limits my ability to take every student who expresses a desire to be a client. There needs to be a good fit. I want to start early with the student and the family. In order to successfully present an application that will survive a holistic review, IT IS NECESSARY TO START THE PROCESS EARLY AND HAVE A PURPOSEFUL PLAN THROUGHOUT HIGH SCHOOL.  My programs are designed to do just that.

While starting in 9th or 10th grade is ideal, students can begin the process in 11th grade if they have been strategic and worked hard to that point.

 Regardless of when you start, I will provide the following services: 

Initial Assessment & Onboarding

After the full initial consultation and assessment, which includes one-on-one meetings with both the Parents and the Student, the onboarding process begins. This step includes a student profile, a custom web portal, an initial resume, a review of all transcripts and testing to-date, and extracurriculars.

College List & Research

Following the onboarding process, time will be spent with the Student and Parents forming the Student's initial college list with a combination of likely, target, and reach schools. This list will be based on fit and reflective of various attributes, such as academic offerings, size, location, and weather.

College Admissions Workbook

A comprehensive proprietary Google Sheets workbook is created and shared with the Student and Parents, which tracks high school grades & classes, extracurriculars, recommenders, essay topics, college lists, campus visits, etc. This is an organic document that is kept up-to-date in real time.

Plan Summer Extracurriculars

In order to discover academic and non-academic passions, it is critical to take advantage of the summer months. Discovering and applying to the right programs is a must and something that is not typically offered by school counselors. I will work with the Student and Parents to make sure this time is put to best use.

Finalize Timeline

We will develop a full timeline, by semester, that sets out the necessary milestones that must be accomplished in order to successfully navigate the college admissions process. Of course, like other documents we use, it will be a living document that can be modified as needed.

Plan and Monitor Campus Visits

Campus visits are invaluable to a successful college admissions game plan. Since time and money are limited resources for most families, it is important to be strategic in planning these trips. I will work with the Student and Parents in planning itineraries, providing forms to capture thoughts and feedback, and using this input to better refine the Student's college list.

Essay Review and Monitoring

Depending on the number of applications a Student submits, the number of essays and short answers could range from as few as twenty to as many fifty! I will help the Student organize and monitor all the necessary essays, provide input on topics, and give feedback on drafts prepared by the Student. I do NOT write the essays. It is very important that the Student's voice come through all the written responses.  

Application Management

Once the college list and essays are finalized, we will meet to discuss the application strategy, which includes deciding on an early action/early decision school and the timing and strategy of the other submissions. This will involve managing and reviewing the Student's Common Application and school-specific applications.

Financial Aid Consulting

As part of constructing the Student's college list and finalizing the application strategy, I will discuss the costs associated with each school, scholarship opportunities, and FAFSA and CSS profiles. 

College Acceptance Consulting

Once decisions start coming in, it will be important to take a step back and analyze all of the options available to the Student. We will do a holistic review of the school, the fit, the costs, etc. Once a decision is required, we will have fully vetted all the choices.  NOW RELAX!