University of Texas at Austin

  • BBA (Honors)

  • MPA (Honors)

  • JD (Honors)

Practicing Attorney (TX)
Licensed (inactive) CPA (TX)

Currently, I am working with families from Kinkaid, St. Johns, Episcopal, and Memorial.

Mark Rome, JD, MPA

The Parents' Dean started out of my own experience as a parent of two high-achieving kids, one in visual arts and the other in STEM. While both had the benefit of a wonderful high school counseling program, we quickly came to the realization that elite college admissions required much more attention and planning than they could afford.


Utilizing my financial and legal background, I approached the process methodically and devoured any and all admissions information and best practices. I developed my own tools that proved very successful. While my boys were fortunate enough to be admitted into some of most select programs in the country, including NYU, Chapman University (film), Harvard, MIT, Caltech, Columbia, Duke, Michigan, and UT, I saw other students and parents struggle. I began informally helping them. Soon, they were urging me to offer my services on a more formal basis to others.  From this, The Parents' Dean was born.


I focus on students who are excelling both in and out of the classroom. My typical client wants to attend an Ivy, Stanford, MIT, Caltech, etc. While I cannot guarantee admission to any school, most notably these, what I can guarantee you is a process that will ultimately result in an application narrative that accurately presents your son or daughter to the admissions committees. All we can do is try and increase the odds in the high-stake admissions lottery.