Hello. The Parents' Dean is here to help your family as your student embarks on their college admissions odyssey. While they will not be battling deadly Sirens or Cyclops, the applicant's journey is fraught with unknowns and hidden perils, such as the dreaded personal essay, standardized tests, extracurriculars, etc. I have successfully helped many students and families navigate these waters by providing college list guidance, cloud-based tools, application reviews, essay reviews, and concierge-like access to parents and students alike. Let's get started!

I'm a parent, just like you

I started the college admissions journey with my kids many years ago: one hoping to attend a highly selective film school with a 4% admission rate and the other shooting for Harvard, MIT, and Caltech! I immediately knew that without legacy connections or future buildings to offer this was going to be a herculean effort.


We soon discovered that our high school counselors, as good and dedicated as they were, simply didn't have a lot of time to devote to our children. After talking to other parents, I realized this was not a unique issue. Around Houston, no matter the school, kids with aspirations of going to a highly-selective school were left wanting beyond the basic counseling they received at school. 


As a trained lawyer, I welcomed the challenge of diving into the confusing, overwhelming, closed world of selective college admissions. What I didn't expect was how much I would enjoy it. From stuffing my Kindle with every book I could find, attending webinars by admission experts, interviewing college admission officers, and traveling to many campuses around the country, I discovered my new purpose. I'm happy to say that both of my sons were accepted into their dream schools, and I'm convinced our planning and process played an important role.


It wasn't long until I had many families asking for my help, and I happily obliged, and The Parents' Dean was born. I am focused on the type of students I believe need the most attention...they are self-motivated and academically high achieving with a strong desire to attend a selective university. While no one can guarantee an outcome in this process, I promise you we will work together to give them their best shot. 


If you join The Parents' Dean family, we will have a one-on-one relationship that is inclusive of both the student and the parents. We will develop a roadmap and take this journey together. It's a wonderful rite of passage that takes a village to accomplish. Let's get started!

Services for the Road Ahead

College Admissions Counseling

Discover all of the different aspects involved in the one-on-one counseling relationship we have at The Parents' Dean with both parents and students. 

Student Athletes

More detail on the services involved when the student desires to pursue a varsity sport at the collegiate level. 


See some of the tools we share with our clients, including a cloud-based confidential portal that acts as the centerpiece to everything we do as a team. 

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